Build a great news site with the News 2 theme from GavickPro

If there’s one type of WordPress theme that’s always popular, it’s news-related. With good reason too; news has long been a foundation of humanity’s existence, from the fabled run of Pheidippides from Marathon to Athens to report the Greek victory over the Persians, medieval town criers, all the way to modern-day news reports; there is a fundamental need for us to be aware of the wider world beyond our door. News is a way to feel part of a whole; to interact socially and to help us feel ‘grounded’; a part of reality.

If there’s one type of WordPress theme that’s always popular, it’s news-related. With good reason too; news has long been a foundation of humanity’s existence, from the fabled run of Pheidippides from Marathon to Athens to report the Greek victory over the Persians, medieval town criers, all the way to modern-day news reports; there is a fundamental need for us to be aware of the wider world beyond our door. News is a way to feel part of a whole; to interact socially and to help us feel ‘grounded’; a part of reality.

It’s no wonder then that in our modern, globally-connected world news websites continue to rank amongst the most popular; the reach of the internet keeps us up-to-date with happenings far beyond our own little swathe of land, and friendships and connections spread far beyond borders. News sites are a great way to connect with an audience and drive traffic, as long as you’ve got the content to back it up.

That’s not the only piece of the puzzle though; the site’s aesthetics and usability will have a big impact on your popularity. After all, nobody wants to wade through ancient text-heavy sites with limited navigation options and poorly thought-out layouts. With the right theme for WordPress you can combine both form and function to really make a impact from the moment your visitor reaches your website. With this in mind, we are proud to present News 2, the latest news-focused WordPress theme from GavickPro.


So what’s so great about News 2? What makes it stand out from the various other news themes on the market? We’ll start with the aesthetics; the main reason people visit a news site is, as one might expect, to read news. Filling up a page with complex elements and packing everything as tightly as possible to maximize content-density can negatively affect readability. News 2 averts this issue with clearly titled, concisely-spaced elements with lots of whitespace to enhance readability, which makes catching up with the latest developments as simple as possible. This concept extends to the articles themselves; evenly laid out dark text on a white background keeps things simple, yet the advanced typographical options included in the GavernWP framework, that powers all of GavickPro’s themes, provides extensive text elements to give extra aesthetic appeal, with block quotes, numbered lists, icons, buttons; the list goes on.

What really sets News 2, and indeed all of GavickPro’s themes, apart is the supreme functionality of their WordPress plugins that are combined to make an adaptable, dynamic frontpage. Rather than updating your frontpage manually each time a new article breaks, the plugins included with News 2 will automatically update based on your settings. Don’t forget, all of GavickPro’s plugins are open-source and free to download from their GitHub repository.

The central component of News 2 is the GK News Show Pro plugin; the ultimate content-display too. Display your latest articles by category, date, rating and more; News Show Pro updates automatically so your latest articles are always shown on the frontpage. What’s more, there are a huge amount of display modes and layouts; multiple articles with multiple images, news snippets, titles in list format; the options are endless and easily configurable.

NSP has picked up a few upgrades especially for News 2; most important of these is the flexible Video Gallery mode. When used, videos are displayed in a easily-understandable horizontal list with pagination to jump between several groups; now you can display all your videos within easy reach on the frontpage. Are you worried about this slowing down your page load? Don’t be; NSP displays the videos as static images until they’re clicked, whereupon the video is opened and plays in an overlay that doesn’t affect the site’s look, and may be closed instantly once done to prevent unnecessary extra loading. NSP has also had another new mode added for that traditional news-site mainstay, the News Ticker.

Though News Show Pro provides the majority of the functionality in News 2, it’s not the only plugin used. There’s also GK Tabs, that makes creating tabbed content a cinch. What makes it really interesting is that GK Tabs can display content from other plugins in its tabs; in fact, the ‘Latest’ and ‘Popular’ tabs that can be seen in the Live Demo were created with News Show Pro content displayed via GK Tabs. There’s also the simple GK Weather widget, to display up-to-the-minute weather information and forecasts for the location/s of your choice.

All these options make News 2 a great choice for your WordPress site, but if you’re looking for a more content-heavy design, then why not check out our other news-focused themes, such as the precursor to News 2, News, that offers a huge amount of areas for covering every topic under the sun, or our gaming-portal theme, Game, which packs multiple tabs, sliders and article showcases to highlight all of your content on the frontpage.

Looking for a simpler layout? Why not try out our completely free Magazine theme, built with the same care and attention as our premium products and with all the great features you could expect, but with a more restrained design that great for highlighting a blog or your latest posts.

So you’ve made your choice and now you want to get a theme; how do you go about it? GavickPro offer their themes via a subscription service, and they are proud that their prices offer incredible value for money. For example, their spectacular Lifetime subscription includes the freedom to download and use all of their themes and updates, including any released in the future, on as many domains as you want. Need help? Lifetime also includes unlimited access to support via their support forum. All of this for just €99; no extra fees, no recurring charges. Want access to the source .psd files and ticket support for rapid assistance? Take a Developer subscription for just €199 per year. Don’t wait; get started now!

Prefer Joomla over WordPress? GavickPro also offers all of their WordPress themes as Joomla templates too, with the same great features and extensive modules. Take a look at their collection here.

IM Creator’s Website Creator Tool

Nowadays it is no longer difficult to create websites. You don’t need to be an expert coder or a professional developer to create websites. Many tools exist online which make the website creation process a breeze. Even a child can use them and create websites for himself.

Out of those tools our recommendation is that you try the IM Creator website builder.

Creating a website with IM Creator is easy and does not take much time.

Below I show you how you can create a website with it.

Firstly you will have to register on the site. Registration is easy and requires you to just enter your email address, then choose a username and password.

After logging in you will see a variety of templates to choose from. You can also start with a blank canvass if you trust your designing skills but let me begin by choosing a template.

I clicked on the Architecture category and was shown several templates some of which are shown below. 


I selected the first template and clicked on it and the template loaded as shown below. 


Now I can customize i.e. change and edit the things I want.

Suppose I want to change the name of the architect from James Dime to Tom Jones. I can click on the text, a text box editor will appear and then I can re-write the words.

Similarly I can change the text that appears below that name.

Then suppose I want to replace the big background image with something else. I can click on the image and an option of Replace Pic will appear. I clicked on it and chose a nice little image of the Sydney Opera House and uploaded it on the website.

After all these edits my site was looking as shown below. 


It is all quite easy to use and understand.

These customizations are important to make your site your own.

Some of the important features of IM Creator are discussed below.

Simple three steps

Creating a website with IM Creator involves just three simple steps. Firstly select a template, secondly customize it and lastly hit Publish. That’s all there is to site creation with this tool.

Vivid design

The templates in the catalog of IM Creator were all created by professional designers. These categories range from photography to design, from art to music, from business professionals to restaurant based sites, etc. Choose the design you think will suit you the best and go ahead with it.

They also host some free royalty free photos.

Web standards

All websites created with IM Creator comply to the standards of the web. This ensures that the websites will look great on all sorts of devices like a PC, a Mac, an iPad, iPhone, Androids, smartphones, etc. This also ensures that the site loads and performs well in all the web browsers whether that is Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

Go and check out the website and let us know what you think.

Win an Annual Subscription to PixelKit

The great guys over at PixelKit want us to let our readers know about the chance to win one of three Annual Membership Subscriptions. How’s that for good news today! By winning one of these three Annual Membership Subscriptions to PixelKit, you will gain access to UI Kits and design resources that provide any web designer with everything they need. Their UI Kits contain navigation controls, app screens, icons, sliders, and buttons that can put a premium spin on your website. With so many different graphics to choose from, any web designer can find whatever they need for a website no matter what the content may be. Here’s how you can enter for your chance to win one of these three vouchers!

  • The fastest way to enter is by just contacting us with your reasoning on why you should win and what you would do with your membership if you did win.(don´t worry that we also hate SPAM and your e-mail will not be used anywhere. Trust us.)
  • You can also let your followers know about us by tweeting : Win a free @PixelKitcom Membership Account from @[your Twitter] (RT to Enter).
  • Lastly, head over to Facebook and hit the Like button on PixelKit Facebook page.

This is an amazing opportunity that everyone with a blog or website to run should take the time to enter to win. Not only does the Annual Membership Subscription give you access to all those great features, it also saves you time by giving you premium UI Kits quickly and easily so you can get through your projects as fast as possible. Check out some of the icon sets and UI Kits you would be able to choose from:

Swanky Outlines - Outlines Icon Set

This icon set lives up to its name offering a swanky and classy outline set perfect for any modern website.


Modern Touch - Flat UI Kit

With the right balance of weight and balancing when it comes to the margins and colors on your site, this UI kit will provide your sit with a stunning feel that is not only pleasing to the eye, but fully functional as well.


Charming Boutique - Shopping Icons

If you are the proprietor of an online store or eCommerce website, this icon set is perfect for you with several pixel perfect icons that cover the majority of “call-to-action“ shopping needs for your site.


Fashion Ave UI Kit - eCommerce UI Kit

The Fashion Avenue UI Kit is ideal for any designer looking to create or manage a shopping website that wants to maintain an upscale high-end look without losing its functionality.


Gentle Edges - Minimalist Icon Set

With over 1000 icons in 46 categories, this icon set has almost everything a web designer would need for their commercial project if they want to keep a minimalist feel for their site.


Funky Tunes – Music UI Kit

An excellent music UI kit designed to perfectly match an artist or musician website. Whether it is a music news website or blog, you will love the modern and fresh looking style of this UI kit.


Metro Vibes - Metro UI Kit

If you’re looking to give your blog, website, or app a modern metro feel, the Metro Vibes UI Kit has what you need..


 Take a moment to look at this – the Free PixelKit Bootstrap UI Kits. There are modern HTML templates you can download for your website to keep it looking good and easy to use.

Designers Now Design Websites With Webydo

For years the traditional method of creating websites has been cumbersome and disadvantageous to the designers. 70% of the total money spent by the client was pocketed by the developers for writing the code and only 30% went to the designers.

A group of designers who were running a graphic design company were utterly dissatisfied with this methodology. They decided to do something about the issue and hence Webydo was born.

Webydo is the leading professional website design studio for creatives. The platform was created by designers and for designers, ensuring that all the needs of the professionals are met in terms of their website creating projects. The software is intentionally created in such a way that it resembles the traditional photo editing platform ‘Photoshop’ to provide a familiar working environment. Since it is targeted towards professional designers, designers can use the features provided therein to create pixel perfect websites, completely independent of developers, since it is a code-free work space. 


Webydo goes above and beyond what is presently available on the market as it is equipped with several advanced website design features like grid generator, smart guides and snapping, layers window, text caption for images and galleries, the ability to design sophisticated forms, set corner radiuses and other elements’ properties such as fill, shadow and stroke.

Below I discuss some of the important features of Webydo.

Code free Website Design

Webydo is targeted solely at professional web and graphic designers to enable them to create websites for their clients and without having to pay any extra expenses to hire a developer.

Designers are able to design websites in the front end through the software while Webydo’s algorithm will keep generating the necessary HTML code in the background. This also allows to create a responsive website that has complete cross browser capabilities, without going thru any extra steps.

Then when the designer completes the design, the HTML code will be ready to be submitted to the client. Hence this process eliminates the need of developers from the picture. 


Cross platform code

The code that is generated, as described above, is a cross platform one.  This means that the website will look equally well on all different sorts of devices and browsers.

You see in this day and age there are dozens of browsers and hundreds of devices. People are browsing the Internet from Android phones, Android tablets, iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc. If you are designing your website for only a particular browser or a particular device then you are missing out on millions of other users.

Webydo takes care that this won’t happen.


Webydo gives a simple and easy integration of Ecwid E-Commerce widget, a dynamic and mobile
friendly solution that accepts payment from many different sources.

It also provides great stock control, media rich category and product description.

So this feature ensures that if you are planning to start an online store i.e. you want to sell products online then you won’t face any difficulty. 


Drag and Drop

This drag and drop feature of Webydo allows designers to drag elements on the page anywhere they want and then drop it where they want it to appear. These elements may include shapes, images,
text, videos, flash, galleries, forms, widgets and menus. Then Webydo will automatically optimize and take care of all your assets for the best possible performance.

Build Your Brand

Webydo understands that your brand name is important. Therefore it allows you to fully rebrand the entire system by putting your brand’s identity in the front. You can add your logo to your client’s login screen, to your dashboard, your online design studio and onto the Content Management System of your client. 

Truly own the system and build a powerful and impactful business of web design. 


Webydo is also standing out as one of the leading design platforms because of their commitment to their designer’s community. Deciding the direction of Webydo’s road is their dedicated professional user base of over 50K professional designers. These designers are submitting new features suggestions, voting on what is adding next on the Participate page and enjoying seeing their votes actually implemented in the platform for them to utilize.

Go and take a look at the site, try out their free version, create one or two websites, then let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

This article is proudly presented and sponsored by Webydo’s designer’s community.

Who are GavickPro ?

If you have even just a passing interest in web development, you almost certainly have heard of WordPress and Joomla!; their use has become so embedded into the culture of web development that they power nearly 25% of the total websites around the web, and a massive 70% of all CMS-reliant websites. Adding to their popularity is their respective ease-of-use; there’s no need for a deep understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP when the CMS can take care of delivering your content, so CMSs have built great traction with first-time website creators.


By combining a CMS with the additional form and function offered via templates and modules (or themes and widgets, if you’re a WordPress aficionado), your site can have a professional look combined with powerful features, all without touching the code itself; this frees up time to work on what will ultimately be the driver for your site’s success; the content you create.

So who are GavickPro? In its basest form, GavickPro is a company dedicated to creating Joomla! templates and WordPress themes; much like many other template development companies around the web. Yet there are differences; differences that may make GavickPro a more appealing option.

Originally founded in the mountains of Southern Poland back in 2007, GavickPro has remained close to its roots, currently residing in the mountain resort of Krynica Zdroj, where time spent not creating new templates and themes can be spent skiing in the winter, or hiking in the summer. Though the company has grown in size somewhat from its simple origins, the foundation at its core has stood steadfast; Within these picturesque surroundings, our developers work hard to innovate, to develop, to create new concepts; to go beyond the basics of simply designing templates and themes and instead contribute to the community whilst remaining at the cutting-edge.

There are a number of ways to do this; first and foremost is that our developers focus on creating new modules and widgets. Whereas GavickPro’s templates and themes are available via subscription, our modules are always provided free of charge to everyone via our GitHub repository. The functionality these modules provide is not to be sniffed at; News Show Pro GK5 can be used to create simple news showcases, images with text overlay and on-hover highlights, video overlays, or a combination of the above with all information taken from articles, categories, RSS feeds, and more.

Then there’s the Grid module, that creates metro-style grids of content that can include other text, images, video embeds or even other modules, all in a responsive layout. That’s only a small selection; there’s also Tabs GK5, Image Show GK4, Highlighter GK5; the list goes on. Perhaps our biggest creation isn’t a module at all; it is the Gavern Framework, that was created specifically to power GavickPro’s templates but is freely available to everyone in our free Meet Gavern template and theme. This framework includes a huge amount of options designed to make customizing your site easier, with features including:

  • Social API, that adds like/share/pin it buttons to all your posts, making sharing simple.
  • Cookie Policy support, so you can meet the requirements of the EU’s cookie policy with one click.
  • Advanced Typography options and short codes, with Google and Squirrel Font support, to help you make the aesthetics of your content as good as they can be.
  • The ability to add branding to your site in seconds; change logos, copyrights and favicons to suit your site’s style.
  • Predefined Styles, to make swapping colors of your site a breeze.

GavickPro’s team also supports the Joomla! and WordPress communities in other ways; we’ve sponsored the WordCamp conference and sponsored and provided speakers at Joomla! Day in Poland; we also provide links to helpful resources and highlight new developments in the web-design world via our social media channels, to help keep our customers at the head of the pack and to give ourselves a few ideas of what new technologies our templates need to include!

With the great features of GavickPro’s framework combined with their modules and free templates/themes, you might be wondering why you even should purchase a subscription. The answer to this lies in the effective, flexible designs that are produced monthly. Some template and theme developers focus more on quantity; they release new templates and themes monthly, and support them for years to come to maximize profits. At GavickPro, we think differently. It’s great to include support for older templates and themes, but not at the expense of innovation. With a 2 year rotation, we aim to have approx. 24 currently updated templates available at any given time, covering a wide range of requirements; there’re Portfolio templates, e-commerce templates, templates built for personal and business sites, templates for blogs and events. Each one brings something new to the table, whether it enhances visuals, such as via parallax scrolling like in our Creative template, or provides additional functionality behind the scenes, such as the multiple header options included in our latest template, MO. Of course, our older templates are still available to download and use if needed.

Perhaps the best thing about a GavickPro subscription is the value for money; our Personal subscription is only €39, and includes 2 domain licenses, rather than the single domain license many of our competitors offer. During your subscription you are free to download any and all of our templates and apply them to your domains; as long as the domain is licensed then there’s no restriction. What’s more, once the subscription ends you only lose access to our downloads and support forum; any downloaded templates will continue to work as normal should you want to swap them around at a later stage. Our Lifetime subscription remains the subscription with the highest cost/return ratio of any template offer currently available; just €99 for unlimited access to our download section and support forum, forever, including any new templates that are released in the future, all with a massive 10 domain licenses, so you can use our templates across a wealth of sites.

Don’t waste anymore time; sign-up today and try out some of the amazing templates available. Who are GavickPro? They’re the best that template designers have to offer.