15 2 / 2012

Starting 1st March 2012, our review process for the submissions will change in order to provide better content and fit to the new technologies when doing webdesign, development. We will give much priority to Responsive Designs…!!

You remember when we started right? 2004. Funny if you have a look at our first entries , for example here . Things have changed a lot.

The flow was normal when we rejected table based sites back in 2006/2007 , and since then , we have never changed our review process in terms of sites being accepted. Now we have to.

  1. The review process in terms of design will be much more STRICT than it is now. And when we say STRICT, we will be for sure.
  2. We will not answer mails asking “why my site hasnt been accepted?” (15 daily up to now). We might do it if we believe your site is brilliant but needs small changes to be accepted.
  3. You will see more responsive sites added and if yours is , probably it’ll be added straight away.

That’s all. Remember: 1st March 2012