25 2 / 2012

A lot has been going on in @cssmania in the last months. Our submission process starts to be a little bit disapointing for us when we get to the office and see around 120 screenshots to review, and only 10% of the submissions are showcased. The rest goes directly to the trash bin.

We are on our way of changing the whole submit process. Why? Cause we can´t handle it anymore. We can´t review 120 sites on a daily basis (considering we have other jobs to pay attention to). That’s why we talked about trying to filter a little bit more the designs in our last post .

But we know that it’ll not be enough with that. The “rubbish” submissions will continue coming to our site, and we will have to reject them anyway. So, we decided to add something that’ll stop most of the prople sending their site to @cssmania. Charging 10$ per submission. (the strikethrough text below will be removed once we fixed issues with paypal)

Sites added will get their money back as soon as they are added. YES, as you read it, Sites added will get their money back once added. You don´t have to worry about that. Eventhough we know that paying 10$ to have 2000 hits during the first 24hours is a good deal, we will give the money back. Let’s say this is something you have to believe, cause it’ll be like that. And there is nothing we can use to prove it except this post and our 8 years out there showcasing sites for free (and it’ll continue being like that for the sites showcased). We are really aware of what this could mean to a lot of people that have been visiting us during the last years… but, that’s what it is.

What if you submit a site and it is not added? Simple, we will keep the money. Sorry about it but it’ll be like that. (if you are a frequent visitor, you know the ammount of rubbish we get on our queue, and you’ll understand). You will get an e-mail from us with the reasons of rejection, and once you do the changes we feel need to be done, your site will be added, and your money will be sent back.

You as designer know better than anyone if your site has chances to be included. All you have to do is have a look at our archive .

When will this be done? Not sure yet, but it’ll be done starting some day in March.

If you are the owner of one of the 25 different services we know are charging people to have their site submitted to all the showcases out there (including ours), you’ll have to either remove us from your list, or pay and fit to our process the same as any other visitor. Of course, the money will be sent back to you also if site is added.

Thanks a lot for your time reading.

@gabilondo ( @cssmania captain )

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