26 4 / 2011

Today, we are announcing a new section, “Redesign famous sites”. And we wanted to start with something big. We start with Twitter.

We really like the work @ev , @jack and the whole @design team at twitter are doing. We specially admire the work from two of the guys at the @design team: @stop and @vl. For us, they are two of the most talented product designers in the world, but our experience using #newtwitter is frustrating.

The iPad has hurt a lot the user experience in the web. Last example is the redesign of Gawker’s blogs, all said, very similar to #newtwitter.

So, here comes our redesign screenshots. We tried to fit as much as possible the Guidelines of Use of the Twitter Trademark.

Captures are also available at @jlantunez flickr account

If you want to send us your personal twitter redesign or any other known webpage, you can contact us at cssmania.com/contact

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